World Poultry announces iPad winners from online survey

15-06-2012 | |
World Poultry announces iPad winners from online survey

Recently World Poultry and its sister magazines AllAboutFeed and PigProgress and their respective websites conducted an online survey among their readers to ask their opinion on several aspects of their subscription.

For each brand more than 600 subscribers filled in the survey forms. As a teaser they were eligible for winning an Apple iPad.

The results have been analysed and the conclusions will be used to optimise the information provision to our readers.

One remarkable outcome was that readers mainly rely on trade magazines and trade websites to obtain the latest developments in their sector. This is remarkable, because in other sectors such as the bike or car industry, trade shows are the dominant information source.

The winners:
World Poultry
For World Poultry the iPad goes to Hugo Villanueva Woo from Peru. Hugo works as an operations manager for San Fernando, one of the larger Peruvian broiler integrators. The company sells about 1.5 million broilers per month. “I started reading World Poultry about nine years ago and always find new topics, new advices, technology and poultry research items from around the world,” Hugo says. “Definitely, it is a good way to connected with the poultry world and also it helps us to explore our development possibilities in other countries.”

Pig Progress
In the pig sector Malcolm Hill from Australia filled in the survey. Malcolm is a farm manager at the Caminda Stud in Kingary, Queensland. He has been involved in the pig industry for 38 years and has knowledge of all aspects of pig production. “I find the information in Pig Progress very useful, it allows me to stay informed in what is happening in the pig industry globally,” Malcolm says.

The audience of AllAboutFeed is a bit different to the ones from World Poultry and Pig Progress in that it reaches more people in the feed manufacturing process and animal nutrition rather than primary producers. The iPad is on its way to Ir Nampati Tarigan in Medan in the north of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Nampati is a nutritionist for a premix manufacturer. “I am a nutritionist for Sangap Encari and also help farmers to produce good feed,” Nampati says. “I have been reading Allaboutfeed since 2006 and it is very useful to me. It helps me to obtain information about feed and feed additives.”