World Poultry Awards Winners 2006

18-05-2006 | |
World Poultry Awards Winners 2006

There were 50 entries for the inaugural World Poultry Awards of which 18 were shortlisted by an international jury of specialists in various fields of interest in the poultry industry.

Based on their findings the jury, chaired by Wiebe van der Sluis, editor of World Poultry magazine, decided the following would receive a Gold Award.

Big Dutchman: EggFlow and Tracking System

Big Dutchman’s new EggFlow and Tracking System consists of several automation components, measuring techniques, as well as hardware and software modules to optimise the egg stream. Read more…

Jury remarks: Based on the information provided the jury concluded that this is a great innovation. It improves the egg flow during automatic collection, optimizes packer utilisation and provides more transparency of the egg stream allowing better in-line tracing and tracking.

Breuil: Automatic Feather Sexing System

The Automatic Feather Sexing system (patent pending) is designed to separate one-day-old chicks automatically and to send them through a specifically designed unit for detecting the bird’s sex by reading the wing tips it also separates the birds into categories of males, females and undetected. Read more…

Jury remarks: This is definitely an innovation for the poultry industry worth taking a closer look at. In today’s hatchery it is often difficult to find qualified people to feather sex birds. This system takes on this job without complaining at a acceptable speed and accuracy.

Diamond Systems: Diamond Shock Pasteuriser

The Diamond Shock Pasteuriser it allows egg-processing plants to pasteurise egg products at standard or higher temperatures for extended periods of time. Read more…

Jury remarks: Food safety is the main issue of this decade. This new machine makes use of new and innovative technology to pasteurise liquids and requires less energy and chemicals compared to existing systems

RnA: Rapid salmonella detection

RnA provides diagnostic laboratories with a new multi serological PlexTM assay to measure micro organisms in a product or pathogenic bacteria which causes infections on flock, herd or slaughterhouse scale. Read more…

Jury remarks: Wouldn’t it be great to know whether your birds or poultry product can be declared free from pathogens when leaving or arriving your premises? And if pathogens are present wouldn’t it be great to know right away what bacteria and of what type has been detected? Instant analysis technologies are not available right now, but the technology used by RnA shortens the time span dramatically from a few days to just a few hours.

Stork: ACM-NT portioning system

With the brand new ACM-NT portioning system, Stork has made the step from 4,000 products per hour to 6,500. Read more…

Jury remarks: Speed and accuracy are top of mind issues in poultry processing. The ACM-NT portioning system meets these demands and allows a greater spread of weights. This novelty is also a major improvement over existing systems and a very innovative concept.

Vencomatic: Patio hatching and housing system

The Patio broiler system is designed for bringing in pre-hatched eggs. Because the new system is specially designed around the needs of the young bird, it provides excellent health and welfare conditions for the housed birds. Read more…

Jury remarks: For many years the poultry industryhas recognised that knowledge about how to manage the first week of a chicks’ life is a weak spot. Veterinary scientists as well as nutritionists are looking for improvements. Hatchery specialists have made their contribution in increasing the quality of chicks but the problem of how to provide food and water to the chick immediately after leaving the shell remained an open question for many. By combining the hatching and brooding phase in one structure the Patio is a real novelty and may, potentially, contribute to bird health and performance, as well as efficiency of the farm operation.

The remaining nominations were of such high quality that the jury found it difficult to make a distinction and decided therefore to skip the Bronze award. This means that all nominated products have been honored with a Silver Award.

Silver World Poultry Award winners are:

Avictec SRL

Sealpack for eggs

Big Dutchman

Egg detector for cages and aviaries


‘Get connected’ broiler management


ELISA for IBV vaccine


Nobilis Rhino CV vaccine

Jansen Poultry Equip

Bromaxx housing system

Lead AES

Butterfly feeder


Elegra in-line hatching egg grader


Alternative stunning system

Sanovo Environment

Waste-to-product technology


Value Drum in line marinating

Veit Electronics

Wireless poultry scales