World Poultry Show at EuroTier, getting closer

22-10-2008 | |

The World Poultry Show at this year’s EuroTier 2008 is set to become the huge international gathering point for the poultry sector. Companies and organisations from this sector are enrolling in massive numbers to become a part of the 2008 exhibition.

The World Poultry Show has been a major player with regard to EuroTier’s growth this year. 220 poultry specialist companies and organisations from all over the world, including market leaders in the fields of breeding, production and processing, have booked stands so far. They will be presenting their new and further developments on over 25,000 sqm hall space in Hall 11 and even part of hall 12.
Visitors connected with the poultry sector will be able to enjoy the strong synergies provided by the cross-species exhibition segments at EuroTier, for instance feeding and feed storage, animal health that are not to be found in such depth and range at any other exhibition. These are located in hall 14 and 15. This sector alone will account for over 320 exhibitors dedicated exclusively to feed and associated products on over 22,000 sqm hall space. Additionally, EuroTier’s BioEnergy Europe exhibition offers a range of bioenergy possibilities for the poutry farmer including manure handling, presented in hall 24 and 25.
“The proportion of poultry exhibitors from outside Germany is almost 70% higher than it has ever been before in this sector. This will make the World Poultry Show the highlight for the entire international poultry sector this year,” says EuroTier’s Project Manager Dr Karl Schlösser.
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