XXIV World’s Poultry Congress, Brazil: WPSA celebrates in South America

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XXIV World’s Poultry Congress, Brazil: WPSA celebrates in South America

This year, Brazil will host the XXIV World’s Poultry Congress, considered by some the most important event in the global poultry industry. It was formed by the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) to establish links and promote development among the different segments of the poultry sector. The event, corresponding with WPSA’s 100 year anniversary, will take place from 5-9 August at the Bahia Convention Centre of Salvador, Brazil.

By María de los Angeles Gutiérrez, Chile
In 2012, the main international event of the World’s Poultry Congress commemorates the 100th anniversary of its promoter, the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA). It will offer a program with lectures from renowned researchers and hundreds of companies presenting the latest technology available for the world poultry sector.
Both the congress and exhibition fair will be held in the Bahia Convention Center in Salvador, which has a complete infrastructure and is one of the most modern in Latin America. It covers an area of 153,000m², with 57,000m² of floorspace distributed over four floors and an area of 28,400m² for fairs.
WPSA holds the congress every four years, with this year being the twenty-fourth edition of the event. Brazil was chosen as host country because it has a great dynamism and shown industrial growth. In fact the country has progressed so greatly over recent years that it has transformed into one of the worlds leading poultry producing countries.
The organisers expect to attract 9,000 visitors and 4,000 participants from all continents to discuss the poultry meat and egg production chain. The Brazilian branch of the WPSA is responsible for the organisation of the XXIV World Poultry Congress, with the co-organisers being FACTA (APINCO Foundation of Poultry Science and Technology) and UBABEF (Brazilian Association of Poultry Producers).
Presidency changing hands
True to tradition the presidency of the WPSA will change hands during the WPC 2012 signalling the end of a four-year period. The current president of the association, the Australian Bob Pym will hand over presidency to Brazilian Edir Nepomuceno Silva.
According to statements made by Silva, his presidency will be focused on helping the African people by supporting them with improving poultry production in their region. Also, he emphasised that to sustain the WPSA for the future, the organisation needed some modernisation including establishing a new constitution that allows greater flexibility. As times are changing, he thinks that the key word to focus on is communication. Silva also hopes that with these changes it will be easier to incorporate new members to the WPSA from around the world.
100 year anniversary
The XXIV World Poultry Congress will also take the opportunity to celebrate 100 years of activities of the WPSA. This international organisation aims to stimulate and disseminate the development and creation of technologies which are used in all areas of poultry science, in addition to acting as a link between research and the various segments related to global poultry. The event organisers are preparing a series of special events to celebrate this significant occasion and expect the commemoration to attract visitors from all countries where WPSA is represented.
Dr Peter Hunton, past WPSA president, will give a historical presentation of the centenary of WPSA and explain how the organisation has contributed through scientific research and innovation for the benefit of global poultry. In August, Brazil will be the meeting place where all areas of the poultry sector will want to be present for this important edition of WPC 2012 to reflect on the significant achievements that the poultry industry has made.
World Poultry Congress Expo
During XXIV World Poultry Congress, the largest trade show for the poultry industry will also be held, bringing together leading companies from all continents to present their new products, new opportunities for business partners, and discussions about the poultry meat and egg production chain. Until now, more than 110 companies have confirmed their presence at the World Poultry Congress Exposition (WPC EXPO). These companies are focused on different sectors of the poultry industry including equipment, pharmaceutical products, genetics, nutrition and health.
The exhibition will take place simultaneously with the WPC 2012, in the Bahia Convention Centre of Salvador, Brazil. WPC Expo will cover over 4,300m2 , divided into hundreds of stands to be occupied by companies and organisations related to the world poultry market. The organisers of the WPC Expo consider this a powerful tool for those who are looking to expand their business.
Record registrations
The XXIV World Poultry Congress marked a record number of registrations for the scientific program with over 900 submissions. The submissions were divided into three categories: Student Program, aimed at undergraduate and graduate students under 30 years old; Young Scientists, for researchers who have recently obtained their MSc or PhD degrees and are under 35 years, and the Scientific Program, focusing on candidates who are not part of the two previous categories. The specialised technical committee will review the work and 22 submissions will be awarded during the congress.
As usual, the Scientific Committee at the World’s Poultry Congress 2012 will provide an interesting and updated program, which will have ten main themes selected by a specific committee composed of scientists from around the world. The subjects to be discussed during the congress include nutrition and feed technologies, poultry health and biosecurity, chicken breeder and broiler production, commercial egg productions and processing and poultry welfare. For the full scientific program or the congress schedule visit www.wpc2012.com

De Los Angeles Gutiérrez Chile
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