Ziggity’s new water pressure system

07-10-2009 | |

Ziggity Systems has developed a new system that allows a poultry farmer to adjust the pressure at every regulator in the poultry house equally and at the same time in just seconds.

Producers can retrofit the new Pressure Pro system onto any Ziggity floor watering system at minimal cost, says the company.

Poultry houses typically have 4 or more regulators that the producer must adjust regularly to provide appropriate water pressure as the flock matures. This involves the producer bending over and reaching under each regulator to turn the adjustment knob. Pressure Pro makes that chore obsolete and allows a producer to make the changes for an entire house simply by turning the handle on a single winch.

With the Pressure Pro system, the regulator is attached to a mechanical arm that can move up and down. A flexible hose links the regulator to the water line. A series of cables and pulleys form a winch system that raises every regulator the same height with the turn of the winch handle.As the regulator is raised above the watering line, the force of gravity increases the pressure in the water line. The higher the regulator is raised, the higher the water pressure in the line. At the end of the growout, simply lowering the regulators returns water pressure to the starting pressure.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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