Zimbabwe continues Newcastle Disease programme

11-07-2008 | |

Zimbabwe’s Central Veterinary Laboratory Department has completed preparing 25 mln doses of Newcastle vaccine to be used in the second phase of the Newcastle Disease immunisation programme.

Veterinary Field Services Director, Dr Unesu Ushewokunze-Obatolu, feels optimistic that by the end of this second phase, more farmers will be in a position to obtain the ND vaccine from the governmental Animal Management and Health Centres, district or provincial veterinary centres, reported All Africa.
She said that Newcastle immunisation was ongoing; however, the programme was suspended 6 months ago due to the unavailability of vaccines.
The government was only a provider of expertise and intelligence for prevention of the spread of the disease, she said, adding that the outbreak of ND was usually intense in rural areas because birds were not normally vaccinated, unlike in the urban areas.
The mass ND immunisation programme was prompted by the Veterinary Services Department after Zimbabwe suffered from an outbreak in 2004, which intensified in 2005.