A.v.e.c worries about Brazilian subsidies

21-09-2012 | | |
A.v.e.c worries about Brazilian subsidies
A.v.e.c worries about Brazilian subsidies

During the presentation of his annual report Mr Jan Odink, president of the Association of Poultry processors and Poultry trade in the EU, a.v.e.c., expressed his worries about the US$4.9 billion support the Brazilian pig and poultry industry receives to survive the crisis resulting from the high feed prices.

Odink was addressing a.v.e.c. at a general assembly held today in Naples, Italy.

He asked the chairman of the Agri Committe of the EU Parliament what they think about this and what they plan to do to prevent a price drop of Brazilian poultry meat and the possibility of that meat being dumped on the EU market.

EU producers are equally hit by the skyrocketing feed prices and cannot afford more threats to their existence, Odink said.

Odink also announced that he will step down as president and hand over his duties to Mr Frederico Felix, of Propollo, Spain.