Aarhus University to look at whether LED lights are good for chickens

11-04-2012 | | |

Chickens in a research project at Aarhus University can look forward to new LED lights. Scientists will investigate whether this type of light can reduce, among other things, the incidence of leg problems and breast blisters in chickens. These problems are lessened if chickens are more evenly distributed in the chicken house and a better light distribution could promote this.

The use of LED light tubes can improve animal welfare and reduce energy consumption in Danish chicken broiler houses and could be the foundation for a more efficient production.

LED strip lights will replace the current light sources in the broiler house in a new research project at Aarhus University. The objective of the project is to examine whether the LED tubes can improve the rearing conditions for the chickens and thus reduce welfare problems and the environmental impact of the production.

“Our hypothesis is that the LED lights will reduce the incidence of contact dermatitis, leg problems, breast blisters, and competition for resources by giving a better distribution of chickens inside the house. If this turns out to be the case, the LED lights can replace the current light sources in broiler houses to create green growth,” says scientist Anja Brinch Riber.

In collaboration with the company Edizon and chicken farmer Jørgen Jørgensen, Anja Brinch Riber will develop an LED light tube that can cope with broiler house conditions and will investigate its effect on chicken growth and welfare and on the production economy.