AB Vista completes EU enzyme registrations

04-11-2011 | | |

AB Vista has significantly extended the reach of two of its market-leading enzyme products in the EU.

The standing committee have given the go ahead for both the xylanase product Econase XT, and the phytase product Finase EC to be marketed for use across an extended range of pig and poultry feed applications.

Specifically, Econase XT can now be used in feed for grower and finisher pigs, plus laying hens and all minor poultry species, including game birds and ducks.

Finase EC is now also registered for use in feed for sows making it the only bacterial phytase with registration for all poultry species and for use in all pig and piglet diets.

The recent approvals mean that AB Vista can now offer full regulatory coverage for both products. Econase XT is the first and only intrinsically thermostable xylanase on the market meaning that there is minimal enzyme activity loss during feed processing giving feed manufacturers greater confidence in the value of the enzyme. Finase EC is AB Vista’s first generation bacterial phytase which helps improve the availability of phosphate from feed, and in doing so also reduces the impact of excreted phosphate on the environment.

Source: AB Vista