AB Vista launches Finase EC in the EU

16-04-2010 | | |

Poultry and pig producers in the EU can now benefit from improved economic performance, following official EU approval of AB Vista’s second generation bacterial phytase, Finase EC.

Finase EC improves the availability of phosphate and other phytate-bound nutrients for pigs and poultry, and reduces the ecological impact from phosphate excretion, which can be harmful for the environment.

Results have also shown improvements in live weight gain and feed conversion ratio, which are attributed to the increased nutrients released by the phytase.

The EU approval for Finase EC is for broilers, layers, ducks and game birds and for growing and finishing pigs and piglets.

Commenting on the EU launch, Ari Kiviniemi, Global Sales Director for AB Vista, said: “With Finase EC now available in almost every continent, this most recent product registration is another step towards ensuring that AB Vista becomes a major global player in the feed ingredients industry. We have made great progress over the past three to four years and look forward to continued success.”

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist