Abu Dhabi says domestic poultry and eggs antibiotics free

31-08-2012 | | |
Abu Dhabi says domestic poultry and eggs antibiotics free

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA), an independent food regulatory agency for the emirate, conducted a survey on 25 livestock farms looking for antibiotic residues.

Nineteen types of antibiotics in samples of poultry, eggs, milk and other meats were analysed.

Mohamed Jalal Al Reyaysa, director of Communication and Community Service at ADFCA, said the survey was part of the Authority’s efforts to ensure food safety during Ramadan.

“The high levels of compliance in the animal farms with the rules and regulations are attributable to the intensive monitoring activities and awareness drives by ADFCA.  The inspection visits to animal farms in 2011 and in the first half of this year stood at 492 and 354 respectively.

“Compliance levels reached 89.2% and the farms are implementing standards such as HACCP and ISO 22000. The seven events organized for awareness increase in which ADFCA’s veterinarians and specialists targeted farm workers also played a big role in bringing compliance levels up,” he explained.

“ADFCA monitors the use of antibiotics very carefully in animal farms as their wrong use can lead to animals becoming resistant to these antibiotics. This will, in turn, make disease control near impossible. The survey has confirmed that products from animal farms in the emirate are safe and reliable,” Al Reyaysa said.

Source: Trade Arabia