Addcon registers diformate for poultry in Brazil

30-08-2012 | | |
Addcon registers diformate for poultry in Brazil

Addcon, in cooperation with its Brazilian partner Saulus managed to register its diformate based product range in Brazil.

The successful registration for Formi, Formi NDF and Aquaform has been crucial for the start of the cooperation.

Both companies agree that there is big interest in natural growth promoters such as the Formi product range. Since Formi, Formi NDF and Aquaform been used for long in Europe and Asia, the team in Saulus beliefs that the product range will be also a success in Brazil.

During the recently held World Poultry Conference in Brazil, Dr Christian Lückstädt presented a paper on the effect of diformates in poultry production.

In his paper, Dr Lückstädt talks about the effect of the products as tested in tropical countries. At the conference the paper caused a lot of attention.

Dr Lückstädt and the Saulus team used the opportunity to introduce FORMI NDF to interested participants from the region. Now Addcon and Saulus are working on the launch of the full product range in Brazil.
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