Adisseo launches its fourth Rhodimet Research Grant

12-03-2012 | | |

The launch of the fourth Rhodimet Research Grant by Adisseo was announced during the fifth Advancia Seminar in Cesme, France, by Dr Véronique Legrand-Defretin, R&D Nutrition director, Adisseo, and Dr Yves Mercier, research manager-Amino Acids & Proteins, Adisseo. Proposals for 2012-2014 research grants are now being accepted.

Since 2006, 14 laureates have been rewarded to study topics covering fundamental research such as the signalling function of sulphur amino acid in protein synthesis initiation and applied projects such as those concerning total sulphur amino acid requirements in starting chicks or pullets.

A total amount of €250,000 ($330,000) will be allocated to support three to five proposals of one–to-two years of research and will be divided between basic and applied research grants.

Processing technology added
Previous Rhodimet Research Grants were limited to nutritional research topics. Now a new field is being added for innovative processing technologies.

Adisseo believes the production or synthesis of methionine and its hydroxy-analogue require particular attention because the global demand for poultry production to satisfy the food needs of the ever-growing human population keeps increasing. 

The Rhodimet Research Grant is available to scientists at universities and research institutes worldwide. “Since we launched the Rhodimet Research Grant in 2006, we have supported the scientific community to explore the biological functionalities and metabolic pathways of methionine sources and sulphur amino acids from both fundamental and applied points of view,” says Pierre Casamatta, Rhodimet business director, Adisseo.


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