Agrilight introduces a 100% LED poultry fixture

07-12-2012 | | |
Agrilight introduces a 100% LED poultry fixture

Dutch agricultural lighting specialist, Agrilight, has developed the Aviled fixture specially for use in the poultry industry using innovative LED technology. The Aviled fixture cuts energy consumption by 30% compared with the current lighting system, the company states.

The manufacturer opted for the latest LED technologies to develop the Aviled fixture. First and foremost LED technology is extremely energy-efficient. Its service life is also beyond comparison. Whereas conventional lights run for approximately 10,000 hours, the Aviled fixture can run on average 50,000 hours. Replacing lights less often means a considerable labour saving. With the Aviled fixture it works immediately. LED technology increases the flexibility of the light. The light can be directed better than ever to the spot where it is needed. So loss of light is also a thing of the past.

The Aviled fixture is fully dimmable. Thanks to this property it is very easy to produce the desired light regime in the animal housing. Good light is an important factor in the field of animal welfare. Good lighting means that animals get the required rest, which ensures that losses are kept to a minimum.

The Aviled is designed with a light source that radiates a monochromatic warm white light, which is a revolutionary invention in LED lighting. In addition to the white light source the Aviled also has blue power LEDs. Integration of this blue capture light means there is no longer any need to install two separate fixtures. This saves considerable time and installation costs. The Aviled will be available from the beginning of 2012.

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