Agromars develops poultry exports to Middle East

25-06-2012 | | |

Agromars, one of the Ukraine’s largest poultry producers has planned its first poultry shipments to the Middle East. In addition, representatives of the company have conducted export negotiations with Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The first deliveries will be made to Iraq in mid-July, facilitated by the introduction of a special poultry production enterprise, which will produce poultry according to all standards of halal production.

“To meet the standards of halal poultry, the conveyor must move the bird before slaughter to the east. There are some traditions, so this process will be accompanied by the prayers of the clergy of Islam, and so on,” said Alex Marchenko, director of development. According to him the production capacities of the new enterprise will be 9,000 heads of poultry per hour.

“In Saudi Arabia, we have already had a meeting with an interested party. Our experts are now preparing the documents and in the future we can sign specific contracts,” Marchenko said. In addition, representatives of an Egyptian company are planning to visit the facility to look at the production technology and in particular its compliance with Halal standards.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov