Agromars intends to significantly increase production capacity

01-03-2012 | | |

Complex Agromars (Gavrilovsky Kurchatov, Kiev region), one of the largest poultry producers in Ukraine, plans to double its chicken production capacity in 2012 to 300 tons per year.

The company plans to achieve this by building additional production facilities, in particular through the construction ten new broiler farms, and the renovation of its processing plant.
The project is forecast to cost €120 million.
Additionally, Agromars intends to commission a new hatchery this year, capable of producing 90 million chicks per year. The hatchery will be equipped with modern technology and equipment supplied by Belgian company Petersime. The total investment cost of this project will be €19 million.
Connected to ramping up broiler production, the company is also modernizing Borispol feed mill. The project would increase the capacity of the plant up to 2.5 tons of fodder a day.
The company plans also to build a recycling plant, converting used litter into organic fertilizer with a capacity of 500 tons per day. Complex Agromars intends to invest in this project another €50 million.