Agromars: production capacity increases by 2.3 times

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Agromars: production capacity increases by 2.3 times

One of the largest Ukrainian poultry producers Complex Agromars (of the Gavrilovskie kurchata brand) has increased its production capacity by 2.3 times – up to 765 tonnes of chicken meat per day – with the launch of a second slaughter house in the village Gavrilovka (Kiev region), as well as with the modernisation of its Kurgan Broiler facility in the Kharkiv region.


This was stated in the press release of Agromars, which has invested 12.5 million hrivnias (US$ 1.54 m) in the project. Along with the modernisation of the production enterprises, the company has also updated its logistics system.

“We have fully changed the system of transportation of poultry, which let us transport about 6,000 birds in the one car – which is about 10 times more than before the renovation. This greatly speeds up the work of our production facilities and saves the company time” director of the meat processing department Ivan Zazuli stated in the press release.

The new slaughterhouse in Gavrilovka produces Halal poultry products, which will allow the company to export poultry to Iran, Iraq and other Islamic countries.

Earlier, another major Ukraine producer of poultry products, MHP (of the Hasha Ryaba brand) has established two production lines for the production of halal chicken meat: one in Stepantsy village of Kanivskogo district, and another one in the Cherkasy region. Halal poultry in the long term is also designed to be exported to the Middle East and Africa countries.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent
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