Agromars to increase poultry production by 2015

25-01-2013 | | |
Agromars to increase poultry production by 2015
Agromars to increase poultry production by 2015

Ukraine poultry producer, Agromars, will over two years increase the annual production of poultry to 300,000 tonnes, the company’s director, Alexey Marchenko, told a recent press-conference.

“We are planning to reach the number of 300,000 tonnes. To do so we will additionally build incubators, poultry farms and other industrial structures,” he said. “At the same time the company will continue to develop export opportunities.”

In 2013, Agromars will launch a large project for the construction of a poultry processing plant. For this goal the company aims to attract EUR 100-120 mln in investments, Marchenko reported. The complex will have processing capacities of 400 tonnes of meat per day.

The company plans to enter the European market in 2013 as the Ukraine and the EU agreed on the export of chicken meat. After that Agromars could boost exports to the markets of the Middle East, in particular, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which also require that importers have a production meeting all European quality standards.

By the end of 2012, the company increased poultry production by 11.5%, through the launch of enterprises for production of poultry of Halal standards in order to export it to Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent