American Humane Assn approves FASS Animal Care Guidelines

26-07-2010 | | |

The Federation of Animal Science Societies (FASS) has announced that its animal welfare standards have been approved by the Scientific Advisory Committee of the American Humane Association’s American Humane Certified™ farm animal program.

“In reviewing the FASS standards, we see a movement toward baseline standards that will be universally accepted by other animal science and welfare groups, as well as producers,” said Tim Amlaw, VP of American Humane’s farm animal welfare program. “Our program takes a science-based approach coupled with the highest ethical standards in setting humane standards for farm animals.”

Drew Giesen, president of FASS: “We are pleased that the American Humane Scientific Advisory Committee has approved the hard work by 62 professional animal, dairy and poultry scientists who devoted over a year to writing a collaborative guideline that captures the current state of science for farm animal care.”

The FASS Ag Guide, published in January 2010, was written by scientists, engineers and veterinarians who are each experts in farm animal care. The document was open for public comment, then was revised, peer reviewed and revised again before publication.

Source: American Humane

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