Animal-friendly foie gras

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Animal-friendly foie gras

A product advertised as ‘a guilt-free alternative to foie gras’ is being produced from free-range ducks and geese in Norfolk just ahead of the Christmas season.

There is no force-feeding of birds to produce the pâté, which will ease the issues regarding the way in which the birds are commonly treated in order to produce the product, which stems from a growing interest among consumers, and therefore supermarkets, for animal friendly products.
A mimic of traditional foie gras
The darker coloured and lighter flavoured product is named Faux Gras (boldly stated on the pack “Not foie gras”) is from about 50% birds’ liver blended with goose or duck fat. This forms a creamy texture that is a good mimic of traditional foie gras.
Faux Gras has been developed by Waitrose, which has bought a trade-mark for the Faux Gras range. It is convinced that consumers will enjoy the taste without any feelings of guilt.
“We think this is as near to authentic foie gras as we can get without the cruelty. Waitrose does not sell traditional foie gras because it just isn’t consistent with our high standards of animal welfare,” said David Stone, a buyer for the chain.
On the shelves
Pots of the goose and duck liver Faux Gras pâté will soon be for sale at Waitrsoe stores from at £6.99 (€9.80) for 200g and £4.99 (€7.00) for a 175g pack. The goose version will be on sale only before Christmas but the duck will be sold throughout the year.

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