Approval to use Toyocerin for fattening turkeys

10-03-2008 | | |

The Permanent Committee of the European Commission for Animal Feed and Health has approved the definitive authorisation without time limit of the probiotic TOYOCERIN® (Bacillus cereus var. Toyoi) (NCIMB 40112/ CNCM I-1012) in feed for fattening turkeys.

Thus the definitive authorisation for fattening turkeys added to what already exists for the use of TOYOCERIN® for piglets, sows, fattening pigs (until sacrifice), fattening calves, fattening chickens and fattening rabbits.
TOYOCERIN® was the first probiotic registered as an additive in animal feed in the EU. For 30 years it has proved its efficacy and safety in animal production, while fulfilling all the legal requirements.