Argentina: Poultry sector is in continuous growth

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Argentina: Poultry sector is in continuous growth
Argentina: Poultry sector is in continuous growth

The sustained growth of the Argentine poultry sector is due to the efforts of the private sector supported by the government. Growth has been achieved in domestic consumption and increasing exports.

Argentine Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Casamiquela, recently held a meeting with the president of the Chamber of Poultry Processing Companies (CEPA- Spanish acronym), Roberto Domenech, to analyse the growth of the sector.

Domenech and Casamiquela advanced on various proposals to strengthen the growth in the sector, such as the opening of new markets, productivity tools, lines of credit, a deeper analysis of the current situation and prospects for the future.

At that point, both agreed on the importance of further progress in adding value, in order to generate a major source of work and also to offer a product with more processing, which will generate more income when being marketed.

“The sustained growth of the poultry sector is due to the joint efforts of public and private players and a strong industrial restructuring and strengthening of the productive sector,” said Casamiquela.

In the past 10 years, the poultry production chain shows a cumulative increase of 135% in its annual slaughter, which represents an estimated 730 million head slaughtered in 2013.

Exports of the poultry sector have incremented 1500% in the same period came to represent a value of US$ 643 million.

Per capita consumption of poultry products increased 122% in the last ten years, from 18 kilos per person in 2003 to 40 kilos today, and this year the sector’s exports will increase 15-20%. The same is happening with the market of egg products, as in 2003 consumption was 135 eggs per person each year and currently it is around 242 eggs.