Armenia facing poultry production crisis

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Armenia facing poultry production crisis
Armenia facing poultry production crisis

Poultry production in Armenia has steadily reduced in recent years a local member of parliament warned during a special meeting of the parliamentary committee.

“We have a serious need for increasing the production of local (poultry) meat. Once we were an exporting country, but now we are importing. Even with an unaided eye we could see that there is a decline in the production numbers,” Vahram Baghdasaryan stated.

According to official statistics, over the past few years Armenia managed to stabilise poultry production at the level of 37,000 tonnes per year. Imports currently amount to 40,000 tonnes per year. Until 2009 the country was producing about 55,000 tonnes of poultry meat per year, but in 2010 a serious crisis in production occurred. By that time import supplies had a share of about 40% on the domestic market, and now it has grown to 55%.

Baghdasaryan was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture Sego Karapetan, who confirmed that the poultry production sector is currently experiencing difficult times.

“Prior to 2010 we had a recession in the livestock industry, especially in poultry production, and in 2010, birds were removed from the list of animals to be vaccinated, and as a result we have lost about 30% of the poultry stock in the farms of the country,” Karapetan said.

However, he also added that a special program for the development of livestock and poultry production industries in the country has been designed, which will be presented for approval by the government in the coming months.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent