Australia: Jamesway seminar attracts 90% of hatchery industry

07-12-2010 | | |

Jamesway’s Incubation Seminar, held in Victoria, New South Wales, Australia, from Wednesday, November 10-11, attracted over 55 guests, representing 90%+ of the chicken, 100% of the turkey and 100% of the duck hatcheries in all of Australia.

Technical presentations were made by keynote speaker, Dr. Keith Bramwell, Professor from the University of Arkansas, Mr. Dominic Babineau, Technical Consultant for Groupe Soteck, Mr. Jerry Garrison, Jamesway Consultant and Technical Advisor and Mr. Linet Price, Jamesway Technical Service Manager.

Seminar topics included ‘Three Phases of Incubation’, ‘Optimizing Chick Quality Using Multi-Stage Incubation’, ‘Multi Stage vs. Single Stage’, ‘Modern Techniques for Chick Handling and Hatchery Automation’, ‘Heat Recovery Solutions’ and ‘Breeder Management’, receiving significantly positive feedback from seminar attendees.

Jamesway, the home of Platinum Chicks™, offers a full range of incubation systems and hatchery solutions including ventilation systems, automation, planning, design and layout.

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