Aviagen and Inghams sign Australian poultry agreement

25-06-2012 | | |
Aviagen and Inghams sign Australian poultry agreement

Aviagen and Inghams Enterprises have formally entered into an agreement that will strengthen their partnership and form an important commitment for future supply to both Inghams and the Australian poultry industry.

The agreement addresses the full transition by Inghams to Ross breeding stock and the commitment by Aviagen to lease and acquire several Inghams owned production facilities within New South Wales in the near future. 

Aviagen will initially acquire the land and buildings on two large Ingham great grandparent farms near Goulburn and Bowral NSW and will make a significant investment to expand GP capacity. Ingham will lease their quarantine station in Bungonia, NSW to Aviagen. A feasibility study is underway to assess expansion potential of the Ingham hatchery in Maldon, NSW prior to its purchase and Aviagen will initially lease the remainder of the Inghams grandparent farms.

The agreement extends an excellent business relationship built upon Ingham’s transition to the Ross 308 in New Zealand and a strong commitment and trust in the performance of each company in the Australasian poultry market.

Inghams is an industry leader in the Australasian chicken meat market with a turnover this year in excess of AUS$2 billion – a business they entered in its formative years of the 1950’s. The company entered the New Zealand market in 1990 with the acquisition of Harvey Farms. Apart from its chicken business Inghams is also a major supplier to the turkey market in Australia using the Aviagen Nicholas breed. 

Bob Dobbie, President Aviagen International added,” This agreement with Inghams is a reflection of the trust and understanding that has grown between the two companies.  We look forward to supporting Ingham’s in their future growth and to expanding their excellent facilities to fulfill our commitment to the Australian poultry industry.”                  

Source: Aviagen