Aviagen and Vano host first national Iraqi poultry seminar

22-05-2012 | | |

Held in the Van Royal hotel Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq, the seminar attracted over 80 senior mangers, owners, veterinarian’s poultry producers from all parts of Iraq.

Rasun, part of the Vano Group, Aviagen  and Ceva hosted the two-day seminar, where speakers held presentations discussing breeder and broiler topics.
Waleed El Deeb, Ross Technical Service Manager, spoke about Male Management, Seyfi Ay, Consultant Nutritionist, gave a presentation on optimum nutrition, while veterinary consultant Dr Barrie Fleming highlighted key disease issues.
The semiar was also a postive indicator that the Iraqi poultry industry is evolving, and is receptive and open to improvements in their fields. The conveners report being pleased with  turn out at the seminar, in itself a sign of how the participatns valued the occassion.