Aviagen developing unique genetic resource

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Aviagen developing unique genetic resource

Aviagen’s Research and Development effort aims to ensure the best global product portfolio for the immediate and longer term future. This is achieved through the ongoing improvement of existing products and the timely development of new ones.

Key to this aim is the optimisation of the company’s pedigree programmes and selection environments in combination with the continual evaluation and implementation of new technologies and methodologies in genetic selection.

Chicken genome sequence
Since 2004, when the chicken genome sequence was first cracked, Aviagen has invested heavily in utilising the science of genomics. Significant progress towards implementation is being achieved and early indications show considerable improvements in accuracy of selection for traits of economic importance.

To achieve further improvements in the accuracy of genomic selection, Aviagen is developing a 500,000 marker (SNP) panel (up from 6,000 in 2005), which will be a unique genetic resource and will become commercially available in 2011. The SNP panel will enable improved ability to assess genomic breeding values by reducing the distance between markers and genes controlling variation in economically important traits.

The addition of genomics to proven quantitative selection methods will enable Aviagen to move forward with greater efficiency and effectiveness in its aim to deliver maximum genetic progress to customers worldwide.

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