Aviagen export analyst shares animal shipping expertise

18-04-2012 | | |

Attendees of the 38th Annual Animal Transport Association (ATA) Meeting held in Vancouver, British Columbia, recently heard first-hand about proven best practices in humanely and safely transporting animals overseas.

Richard Morton, international export analyst for poultry breeding company Aviagen joined several other panellists in a recent ATA session titled “Long Distance Shipping from US to Asia.”

Morton’s presentation augmented those delivered by other panellists, many of whom highlighted data culled from scientific studies. Morton, in contrast, offered real-world examples of how key best practices have been applied in shipping poultry for commercial purposes to various locations in Asia.

“Scientific research into livestock transportation is an enormously useful source of insight when developing welfare and safety policies, so I was able to build on the data the other panellists presented,” said Morton. “I think it was helpful to relate the data to my material, which outlined how Aviagen uses that information to optimise shipping standards to ensure the safety and welfare of the animals and deliver the best product possible.”

Morton addressed a range of issues, including in transit temperature control and hydration, transport logistics, communication and coordination with freight forwarders, “I shared how Aviagen builds in as many safety nets as possible prior to shipment, and how we follow through to ensure that our standards are being maintained along the way,” he added. “These are live animals, and Aviagen is committed to the well-being and humane treatment of the birds in our care. Even when they’re in transit overseas, we still consider their well-being our responsibility, and our policies reflect that.”

The ATA is a non-profit international organization devoted to the safe handling and transportation of all animals worldwide. Aviagen, Inc. is a member of the Animal Transport Association, and Kelly Wheeler, Aviagen’s export manager, is a member of the executive committee of the ATA Board of Directors.

Source: Aviagen