Aviagen holds Annual Poultry Management School in China

31-03-2008 | | |

Poultry breeding company Aviagen recently completed a week-long poultry management course in Beijing.

The school brought participants from all across China together to learn about all areas of poultry science and its practical application to managing successful breeder and broiler operations.
During the course, held 25-29 February at the Jiuhua Resort & Convention Centre in Beijing, 48 attendees from 9 different poultry companies across China came together to learn from professionals and industry experts through a series of presentations and open discussions.
On day 1, Dominic Elfick, Aviagen’s director of research and development spoke about the latest information on Aviagen genetics and product development. Also presenting was Dr Rafael Monleon, Aviagen veterinarian in Asia, Dr Kim Huang, Aviagen nutrition specialist in Asia, and Dr Maxcy Nolan, a poultry pest management consultant, who spoke about biosecurity, nutrition, and rodent control, respectively.
On day 2, topics included proper male and female breeder management and advice on hatching egg management. Speakers included Gu Minqing, Fred Kao and Guo Jun, all Aviagen technical services managers for the Asia region. Dr Steve Tullet, a poultry consultant, spoke on several issues regarding hatchery management.
On day 3, Dr Steve Tullet, a poultry consultant, discussed various topics relating specifically to China and Ken Laughlin, Aviagen Global Head of Welfare discussed stockmanship. Presentations were made by Marc Baribault, Aviagen’s technical services manager in Asia, on getting the proper start out of grandparent chicks and by Bernard Green, a poultry consultant, on proper poultry house ventilation.
On the final day of the school, Mark Wright, New Zealand, discussed issues relating to floor egg management, and Dr Nick Dorko, Aviagen global head of veterinary services, outlined the quality and health standards for Aviagen parent stock distributors.