Aviagen holds first Russian Roadshows

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Aviagen holds first Russian Roadshows
Aviagen holds first Russian Roadshows

Aviagen has held the first in a series of Russian seminars using a new ‘roadshow’ format aimed at getting closer to customers.

A variety of subjects were covered including, broiler management, male management, bird transfer procedures, nutrition for fertility and chick quality. The presentation on monitoring hatchery practice was followed by two practical sessions covering the assessment of male condition and hatchery egg breakout analysis.

The first event took place in Pyatigorsk in Southern Russia with further events to be held in the Tula Region and Moscow later this year and early next year. The new roadshows replace the previous annual seminar held centrally in Russia.

Two further customer events in association with Prodo and Cherkizovo were also organised with around 50 parent stock producers, hatchery managers and nutritionists present.

“Russia is a big country,” Neil Clark, Regional Technical Manager, explained. As more and more poultry companies have realised the benefits of working with Aviagen, our customer base has grown significantly. We built our new hatchery at Yasnogorsk to provide a local supply base to our customers and these seminars are an extension of that idea.

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve the service to our customers but we realise that travelling into Moscow or another central area will mean several days away from their business for a number of our customers. With that in mind we have chosen various locations where we can get closer to our customers and hold more interactive sessions. Feedback so far is very positive and we’re sure that the more intimate groups and being able to spend time with our experts are appreciated by customers.”

Source: Aviagen

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