Aviagen holds seminar in Brazil

27-11-2007 | | |
Aviagen holds seminar in Brazil

Aviagen poultry breeding company recently held a successful seminar in Brazil to discuss trends in the poultry industry and prospective issues.

The first international seminar, entitled “Perspectives of the Poultry Industry for 2008” was held in Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo, and brought together more than 100 international speakers and delegates from various poultry companies in the region.
Aviagen professionals from around the world came together to give global updates on various business issues. In addition, panel discussions were held relating to key issues facing the market today and in the near future.
The first panel discussed the impacts of bioenergy on the poultry industry, and the second panel discussed trends in the market as well as the top poultry industry companies in 2008.
Dr Paul Aho represented the US market and spoke about projections for exports in that region, mainly to Russia and China. Dr Gordon Butland, one of World Poultry’s bloggers , was also present at the seminar and spoke about the Asian poultry market.
Ivan Pupo Lauandos, general director for Aviagen, stated that the seminar presented “a wonderful chance to discuss the changes that are expected for the Brazilian poultry industry in the near future.”
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