Aviagen hosts Japanese tour of the UK

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Aviagen hosts Japanese tour of the UK

Aviagen, together with Nippon Chunky, the company’s long term Ross distributor for Japan, accompanied three leading companies on a four-day visit to the United Kingdom during the last week of August.

The visit provided a unique forum to present and exchange views at a senior level and to enhance communication and understanding on a number of important topics.  Presentations included research and development projects, genetic progress and efficiencies, Aviagen’s European organisation, the UK and German markets as well as processing and product traceability practices.

Executives from Jumonji Chicken Company, Marui Agri. Corp, Marubeni Chikusan and Nippon Chunky participated in a comprehensive visit programme which incorporated some outside speakers along with Aviagen management presentations and concluded with a visit to the Moy Park processing facility in Anwick, Lincolnshire.

Participants were appreciative and offered the following comments at the conclusion of the successful visit to the UK.  Koji Morinaga, President, Nippon Chunky, said: “All the customers were impressed by Aviagen’s thoughtful, careful, and flexible arrangements and hospitality. The four lectures contained very concise and helpful points. Moy Park’s visit was also impressive.”

“Meeting our friends from Nippon Chunky and their customers at Aviagen’s base in Scotland has provided another excellent opportunity to strengthen our relationship. With 45 years of successful partnership between Aviagen and Nippon Chunky it is always useful to meet each other face to face, to share knowledge to better understand the markets and to hear directly from their customers the issues of the day and for the future,” commented Graeme Dear, General Manager Aviagen Ltd.

Alan Huston, General Manager, Breeders and Hatcheries, Moy Park, added, “Like Nippon Chunky, Moy Park and Aviagen have had a long standing relationship for over 50 years with Moy Park acting as a distributor of Ross Parent Stock on behalf of Aviagen. This has been a very strong partnership with both companies effectively showcasing each other’s’ products to many areas all around the globe. We at Moy Park are always happy to help Aviagen, their customers and distributors in any way that we can to share new ideas and technologies which may be of benefit to other key customers and in so doing we benefit in the sharing of information from many regions.”

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