Aviagen hosts Ross PS Flock Awards

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Aviagen hosts Ross PS Flock Awards

The awards are given every second year to congratulate customers on achieving the genetic potential of their Ross flocks in a region where Ross is the breed of choice.

One of the highlights of Aviagen’s recent Central and Eastern European (CEE) Conference was the presentation of the regional Ross Parent Stock Flock Awards.

Winners from each country were selected from the data they had supplied to Aviagen’s Technical Team. The top 3 performers were Perutnina Ptuj d.d. of Slovenia, D.O.O. “SPASIC – FARM” of Serbia and Croatia’s Koka d.d., who all managed to maximise the potential of their birds through good management practice. Perutnina Ptuj were the proud recipient of the regional flock award for the second time running with an outstanding result of over 143 chicks per hen-housed (60 weeks), which is a truly remarkable achievement.

Jonny Harrison, Regional Technical Director: “These awards are given in recognition of the excellent management and hard work demonstrated by our customers. We are really impressed with the overall performance of Ross stock within the region and are delighted to see such strong results, which reflect the performance potential of Ross products.

“The collection of performance data is a vital tool in the enhancement of existing and the development of new Aviagen products so we are delighted that our customers are supporting us in this. I would like to thank our customers for their cooperation in supplying the data and look forward to receiving data from even more customers in the coming months not only to enhance the technical input from our team but also to assist Aviagen’s world-leading R & D team,” he added.

“The Ross bird is a big success in this region, offering a great balance of breeder and broiler traits, giving customers the maximum return on their investment and of course, customers also benefit from Aviagen’s extensive technical support,” Harrison concluded.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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