Aviagen Italia holds ventilation seminar

06-05-2010 | | |
Aviagen Italia holds ventilation seminar

Aviagen Italia recently held a half-day Ventilation Seminar in Bologna with ventilation expert Mike Czarik. The event was attended by nearly 100 attendees, representing all major Italian poultry companies and several of the country’s broiler growers.

The reason for the seminar was to improve the understanding of the importance of good ventilation. The seminar focused mainly on the principles behind ‘Minimum Ventilation Requirements’, the reasons for the targets stipulated and ways to achieve them.

The seminar began with an overview of the Aviagen structure in Europe by Claudio Ambrogio, General Manager, Aviagen Italia. This was followed by a presentation on the critical aspects of a successful chick start given by Lorenzo Rossi, Aviagen’s Technical Service Manager for Italy.  Czarik then gave the first of his talks on the subject of litter management.

Later, Czarik introduced his second presentation on winter ventilation, which was followed by a question and answer session for the attendees.

Ambrogio: “It is a great thing for our customers that we are able to bring over experts like Czarik to speak at our events. He has been one of the biggest innovators in ventilation for many years and his specialist knowledge of ventilation techniques makes him a superb speaker.  At Aviagen we are delighted to maintain our relationship with him.”

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist