Aviagen launches new PS management handbook

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Aviagen launches new PS management handbook
Aviagen launches new PS management handbook

Aviagen has launched its new Ross Parent Stock (PS) management handbook at IPPE in Atlanta this week

A complete and thorough review of the Ross PS Manual has been carried out to produce a new, practical and up-to-date PS handbook which places more focus on realistic examples.

According to Nick French, Global Head of Technical Transfer, “The objective of the newly-named ‘Handbook’ is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information to allow them to optimize the health, welfare and performance of their Ross stock.

“The PS Management Handbook is user-friendly, easy to read and follow, and provides step by step guides for the more complicated areas of PS management as well as key points which emphasize important aspects of husbandry and critical management procedures.”

Internal and external specialists from areas of hatchery, nutrition, veterinary science, lighting and ventilation were involved in the writing and helped develop the information. The advice presented is a combination of data derived from internal research trials, published scientific knowledge, and the expertise, practical skills and experience of the Aviagen Technical Transfer and Technical Service Teams.

The Handbook contains nine sections focusing on: 

– Rearing (0-15 weeks)

– Management into Lay (15 weeks to peak)

– Management in Lay (peak to depletion)

– Monitoring Broiler Breeder Growth

– Assessment of Bird Physical Condition

– Care of Hatching Eggs

– Environmental Requirements

– Nutrition

– Health & Biosecurity

The Handbook can be downloaded from the Aviagen website