Aviagen launches the Ross 400 Club

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Aviagen launches the Ross 400 Club

In order to recognise farmers who achieve exceptional broiler performance, Aviagen has recently established the Ross 400 Club.

Any UK broiler farmer who reaches a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF*) of 400 or more with their Ross flock is eligible for membership of the Club.

“We have been really encouraged by the response we have had since launching this initiative,” said Ian Dowsland, Technical Service Manager. “Since 2009 11 flocks have recorded an EPEF of 400 or higher, however I am confident that more and more farmers across the UK will become members of the 400 Club in the coming months.”

“Achieving an EPEF of 400 is something to be celebrated as less than 1% of broiler flocks globally reach this mark. During our visits to each new 400 Club member it became apparent that there is no set formula for success – there has been a mix of both the traditional stockmanship approach, as well as a more modern, technological approach to broiler growing.”

All club members receive an award, certificate, annual newsletter, branded merchandise and have their name added to a role of honour on the Aviagen website.

*EPEF is the equation used to measure the technical performance of a flock and takes in to consideration the FCR, liveability, live weight and age of the bird. It is very difficult to achieve a score of 400 as there are many factors that contribute to the success of a flock and its chance of reaching 400.

Source: Aviagen

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