Aviagen: opening of GPS farm in Malaysia

12-11-2007 | | |

Aviagen, a poultry breeding company, recently celebrated the grand opening of the first new grandparent farm in Malaysia in 20 years.

The Bukit Perak GPS Farm will receive Arbor Acres grandparent stock from Aviagen before the end of the year and will supply day-old parent stock to the CAB Cakaran, for its growing integrated chicken meat business.
David Hutchinson, Aviagen VP in Asia spoke at the opening ceremony: “This is the first single age broiler breeder grandparent farm built in Malaysia. I am personally very proud they have chosen Arbor Acres to be part of this new initiative.”
With the increase in demand for quality chicken meat and the rise in import challenges due to restrictions and disease threats, it made sense for the region to build a farm to provide a third strain of breeding stock to create a more stable platform for the supply of chicken. 
The Bukit Perak GPS Farm consists of four new single age farms, located on an 11,000 hectare estate, which allows for the farms to be isolated from one another by at least 1 km.  In addition, the new single-stage hatchery is further isolated on a completely separate site in a nearby town. These provisions along with strict biosecurity protocols help to ensure the health of each and every flock.
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