Aviagen participates in Poultry Industry show

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Aviagen participates in Poultry Industry show

Aviagen recently participated in the 53rd Annual Poultry Industry Conference & Exhibition (PICE) that took place in London Ontario at the Western Fair Entertainment Centre from 14-15 April.

With thousands of poultry farmers, industry partners and suppliers in attendance at the show, the Aviagen exhibit was busy with customers and industry professionals discussing the latest Ross 308 and Ross 708 product information with company representatives.

Aviagen also hosted a breakfast presentation given by Dr. Derek Emmerson, VP of R&D at Aviagen, focused on key elements of the company’s Pedigree breeding program. The presentation attracted 47 participants and highlighted Aviagen’s strategies to deliver balanced genetic improvement of broiler efficiency, general fitness and breeder performance and their approach develop products that are adapted to the needs of the global industry.

The Poultry Industry Conference and Exhibition 2-day show is a blend of trade show and professional development featuring networking opportunities, a wide array of products & services, guest presentations and informative seminars, with 57,000 sq. ft of exhibit space and more than 160 booths to visit.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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