Aviagen poultry nutrition graduate fellowship

25-06-2010 | | |

The University of Arkansas Poultry Science Department is offering a premier Graduate Assistantship sponsored by Aviagen. The purpose of the Aviagen Poultry Nutrition Graduate Fellowship is to encourage the pursuit of an advanced degree in poultry nutrition.

This fellowship will be awarded to a graduate student on the basis of academic distinction and the likelihood of future significant contributions to the poultry breeding industry. This fellowship will be awarded to a student who desires to study poultry nutrition and who has an interest in continuing his or her vocation in the commercial poultry industry. 

Graduate students eligible for this fellowship must have a superior academic record and have a documented desire to seek a career in the field of poultry nutrition. All students must take the Graduate Record Exam and meet the requirements of admission into the Graduate School at the University of Arkansas and for admission into the Department of Poultry Science. The Aviagen Poultry Nutrition Graduate Fellowship shall be available for up to 3 academic years at the amount of $20,000 per year. In addition, Aviagen shall provide an additional $5000 per year should the selected candidate enter into the enrichment program that includes career and leadership development and visits to Aviagen locations. As part of the enrichment program, the selected candidate shall be paired with an Aviagen mentor with the goal of assisting the selected candidate in making a smooth transition from academic studies to the expectations and demands of an international poultry breeding company.

Students who wish to apply for the fellowship should contact Dr. Park Waldroup (waldroup@uark.edu) to receive information on the application process for this fellowship. Applicants will be interviewed by representatives of Aviagen through on-campus and/or telephone interviews.