Aviagen puts effective broiler management on the agenda in Hungary

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Aviagen Kft, Aviagen’s Hungarian business unit, recently held two seminars for broiler customers of their parent stock customers Nagisz Zrt. and Gallus Kft. The events, which took place in Nádudvar in Eastern Hungary and Döbrönte in Western Hungary, focussed on practical advice for effective broiler management to maximise performance.

The broiler seminars included a number of Aviagen speakers, joined by guest speaker Nigel Joice, one of Aviagen’s long-standing Ross customers in the UK and a regular winner of broiler awards.  Joice shared his experiences of broiler growing in the UK, providing practical tips and advice, while Leonardo Linares, the nutritionist responsible for the region, highlighted the importance of cost effective nutrition and the value of good quality raw materials.
Neil Clark, Area Technical Manager, gave the audiences an update on regional broiler performance to enable them to benchmark their own performance and to get insights from fellow broiler growers to consistently improve results. 
Neil Clark said: “We were delighted with the response we got to our broiler seminars and the interaction of the delegates.  Exchanging experiences and tools for effective broiler management is so important.  At Aviagen, we believe in offering advice and support right through the production chain and we always like the opportunity to get feed-back from broiler customers so that we can incorporate it into our technical service strategy and our breeding programme.”
Ákos Szabó, Managing Director of Gallus Kft., the largest broiler breeding company in Hungary, commented: “Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges for broiler farmers is the rising feed costs. Aviagen experts showed us how important the protein levels in a diet are and also how we should keep a good amino acid balance to achieve the best performance with the Ross 308 broiler.  I really appreciate that Aviagen bring us these experts to continually help us not only on the parent stock but also on the broiler side.”


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