Aviagen supports Moy Park with Irish customer tour

14-05-2010 | | |

Aviagen recently joined forces with Moy Park to present a series of seminars to customers across Ireland.

Moy Park is one of Europe’s leading poultry producing companies and the Ross distributor for the region, says Aviagen. This year, Moy Park and Aviagen celebrate 50 years of partnership.

The Aviagen and Moy Park teams held 7 events within a week, which were attended by some of Ireland’s best know producers, including; Carton Bros, Annyalla Chicks, Springgrove Hatchery, Shannonvale Foods and Western Brand. Growers from each company listened to a number of different presentations covering technical issues, nutrition and a corporate update, including research and development advances, from Aviagen.

Alan Thomson, Aviagen’s Technical and Commercial Manager, Europe; “We had a number of key messages to deliver as part of these presentations. On the breeder side, we wanted to focus on good male management, understanding male management and how nutrition can improve both early and late hatchability. On the broiler side we looked at getting chicks off to a good start in order to maximise their performance potential. Again, nutrition was an important factor with optimum feed intake coming through good feed physical quality. The Ross bird responds well with a high nutrient density.”

Thomason gave the corporate and R&D update presentation, Lindsay Broadbent; Technical Service Manager, spoke about technical issues, whilst Nutritionist Marcus Kenny looked at feed form.

Stephen Bamford, GP Manager, Moy Park; “The feedback from customers has been excellent. The presentations were open and honest with plenty of great practical advice for improving performance. We enjoy a close working relationship with Aviagen and our customers and it was great to be able to call on expert advice from Aviagen for our customers.”

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist