Aviagen tutors Russia’s Provimi managers on feed and light

21-05-2012 | | |

Aviagen has recently organised an extensive consulting session with an in depth look at nutrition and lighting for Ross Parent Stock and broilers for its Russian customers.

The Aviagen team were invited by feed supplier Provimi who have a number of Ross producers amongst their customers.

The day-long consultation,hosted by Aviagen technical service manager Olga Myasnikova and nutritionist Leonardo Linares, has taken part within a week-long Provimi seminar and was attended by Provimi managers from Siberia, the Ural region as well as South and Central parts of Russia.

Leonardo Linares commented:
 “Breeder nutrition is an important issue in Russia. Traditional breeder layer diets in general contain excessive levels of crude protein and low energy values, so getting the balance of protein and energy levels right is vital at the moment.”

Olga Myasnikova added:
 “Lighting plays a big part in feeding of course and we’re keen that our customers’ customers get maximum performance from their broilers. That’s why we were more than happy to accept the invitation from Provimi.”

Feedback from the event was very positive with all attendees taking time to chat outside of the main presentations. Everyone felt the information presented would be valuable as part of their on-going roles.

Provimi mananger Dmitry Soiridonov said:
“I asked Aviagen to discuss these issues with us because of the importance of good nutrition within the Russian marketplace at the moment. As always, we were delighted with the professionalism of the team and the information presented and I am sure that Russian poultry producers will benefit as a result.”

Source: Aviagen