Aviagen unveils latest in hatchery ‘How To’ series

23-09-2011 | | |

Poultry breeding company, Aviagen, has launched the latest publication in the ‘How To’ series of hatchery tutorials.

Titled “How To Monitor Setter Temperature Variation”, the eight-page document is intended as a working reference and guide for hatchery managers and supervisors.

The ‘How To’ edition is available as a download from www.aviagen.com or as a laminated hard copy from the Aviagen Technical Team and Hatchery Specialists.  It is the sixth publication in the ‘How To’ series which has been well received by customers.

“The ‘How To’ documents are based on practical tips and advice gathered from visits to customer hatcheries across the globe,” said Dinah Nicholson, Global Manager, Hatchery Development and Support. “The hatchery support team get to meet a huge variety of people and see a lot of different facilities. Based on conversations from hatchery visits, calls to the technical team, demonstrations of new technology and the completion of our own trials, we bring together best practice within these documents.”

The latest title follows previous topics; Measuring egg water loss, Measuring chick yield, Measuring egg shell temperature, Identifying infertile eggs and early deads and Break out and analyse hatch debris. A seventh ‘How To’ is entitled “How To Keep your Chicks Comfortable” and is due to be released early next year.

Source: Aviagen