Aviagen welcomes new Russian customers

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Aviagen welcomes new Russian customers

Aviagen has welcomed a number of new customers in Russia at a specially arranged seminar in Yasnogorsk. More than 20 guests attended the seminar which focused heavily on getting the best performance from the Ross birds.


Guests came from across Central Russia and the Urals to hear presentations on biosecurity, managing the Ross breeder and also broiler management. As well as a chance to discuss optimum performance of the Ross birds it was also a great opportunity for the new customers to meet each other and the wider team at Aviagen LLC.

“We’ve had a lot of success in Russia following our extensive investment in facilities such as our state of the art hatchery at Yasnogorsk,” said Eduard Taktarov, sales director.

“A key topic of discussion has been broiler management and feed conversion. The Ross broiler is very strong in this area and our seminar was designed to show customers how to get the best performance and keep the birds safe by adhering to our strong biosecurity standards.”

In addition to the presentations, customer received the latest support literature in Russian.

Source: Aviagen

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