Aviagen’s new Ross performance standards unveiled

24-07-2007 | | |

Aviagen, a leading poultry breeding company, has unveiled revised performance standards for the Ross brand, with the emphasis on close communication with customers and consistency of information across the world.

For the first time, performance standards for each Ross product have been combined into global booklets to ensure that customers receive the same information no matter where they are in the world.
The new standards on performance potential have been produced following an extensive review of field and genetic data and consultation between Aviagen’s Customer Focus, Technical Transfer and Research and Development Teams across the globe.
Alison Keaveney, Aviagen’s head of global technical transfer, said: “The new global performance standards have been developed with the customer in mind. Aviagen is a global business and we found that producing regional performance objectives led to mixed messages being passed to our customers. The new performance objectives show the real potential of the products. We have consulted customers and our regional technical teams to determine performance of the top 25% flocks around the world. This information shows what is possible for the products given the optimum conditions. Figures are not based on any particular area or biased towards any particular region. Examples of performance at these levels can be found on every continent.”
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