Barter deal between Russia and Iran for poultry

29-05-2015 | | |
Barter deal between Russia and Iran for poultry

Russia will supply poultry to Iran in exchange for grain, says Alexei Alexeenko of the Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselhoznadzor Alexeenko also said that Rosselhoznadzor has already approved the export of Iranian poultry and dairy products from several enterprises to Russia.

“We have agreed to put four dairy producing companies and two poultry meat producers from Iran on our list of approved exporters, however we still need to sign a protocol with additional guarantees,” Alexeenko said.

Largest supplier of poultry to Russia

It is crucial that the barter deal between Russia and Iran does not conflict with the sanctions that were imposed by the UN. According to Iranian officials their country may become one of the largest suppliers of poultry to Russia. Iran could potentially export 10,000 tonnes of poultry per month to Russia, said the deputy minister of agriculture of Iran Hassan Rockne. “And this is not the limit, if necessary, this volume can be easily increased.” However, most forecasts indicate that Russia will import no more than a total of 200,000 tonnes of poultry in 2015.

Russian experts previously stated that Iran can be an attractive supplier because of its competitive prices and low logistical costs, as as the country is located much closer to the Russian borders than the current main suppliers in South America.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent