BASF brings new enzyme combinations to booth at IPE

24-01-2012 | | |

BASF will present its innovative feed ingredients and services at the International Poultry Expo 2012, booth 865.

At this year’s trade show being held Jan. 24-26 in Atlanta, Georgia, BASF will focus on sustainable animal nutrition and on its new enzyme combination Natuphos  5000 Combi G for poultry.
BASF’s aim is to optimize animal nutrition to make it more efficient, more cost-effective and more sustainable over time.  
BASF’s hopes to help customersby providing htem with more sustainable poultry feed while saving resources.
Natuphos is a phytase designe to improve utilization of phosphorus from plant-based feeds, thereby cutting down on the use of inorganic phosphorus in feed.
Combining enzymes with organic acids is an emerging concept which helps to optimize the gut microflora in poultry.
With Natuphos 5000 Combi G, BASF puts on the market an animal feed enzyme combination in granulate form.
The new product unifies the enzymes 3-phytase, beta-xylanase and beta-glucanase in a stable formulation well-suited for premixes and pelleting.