Bayer product tackles darkling beetles in poultry operations

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Bayer product tackles darkling beetles in poultry operations

Bayer Animal Health is introducing its latest innovation specifically designed for control of darkling beetles in long grow out poultry operations.

The product, Credo D contains DStar and imidacloprid (a chloronicotinyl insecticide), a formulation developed by Bayer Animal Health for effective control of darkling beetles. Credo D with DStar contains a proprietary adjuvant and offers more control of both larval and adult darkling beetles compared to other imidacloprid products the company states.

“Credo D with DStar is an effective new tool for long grow out poultry operations,” said Dr. Doug Ross, Manager of Clinical Development Projects for Bayer Animal Health. “We invested research and development resources into this product because the industry told us there was a real need for a solution to the darkling beetle problem.”

In a study at a North Carolina broiler farm, at the conclusion of the 59-day grow out, the number of adult and larval darkling beetles in a house treated with Credo D with DStar were nearly 50% less compared to a house treated with Credo SC Insecticide. In another study at a North Carolina turkey brooder farm, poultry houses treated with Credo D with DStar™ had the lowest average adult beetle count five weeks following treatment.

Darkling beetles have long been a serious problem for the poultry industry — spreading disease, destroying insulation and consuming poultry feed, which ultimately means eating away profits. Credo D with DStar also serves as a resistance management tool for poultry houses when rotated with Tempo products.

Source: Bayer Animal Health

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