Belgian chicken consumption grew in 2011

21-03-2012 | | |

In 2011, Belgians consumed about 10 kg of fresh poultry meat per capita. That was a year-on-year increase of 4.5%. Within the poultry market, chicken is very popular, taking a 85% share.

This became clear from a report by the research bureau GfK Panel Services – carried out for the Flanders Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM). The research bureau followed food consumption purchases of 5,000 Belgian families.

Last year, the category of poultry, rabbit and game meat grew in 2011 to make up about 25% of all purchases of meat and fish. This amounted to a total of 12.3 kg consumed per capita by Belgian consumers – costing about €97 per capita.

Poultry meat grows
Within the poultry segment, consumption of chicken grew quicker than average, consolidating its market share. The chicken share in this segment grew from below 80% to over 85% in 2011. Sales of chicken parts have grown in comparison to a whole chicken. More than half of this type of meat was seen in families with children.

Consumption of chicken grew at the expense of turkey meat – consumption is now 1.5 kg/ capita per year. Market share amounts to 11.5%. Almost two thirds of the Belgian families purchased turkey at least once.

Other poultry types
Market shares for other types of poultry meat, like duck, guinea fowl, ostrich or quail, are very small – about 3% and decreasing. In absolute figures, Belgians bought around 400 g of this type of ‘other poultry’. Only one in four Belgians purchase products in this category.

Home use of fresh rabbit used to be increasing until 2007 – after that year a drop could be noted. This type of meat showed a consumption of 500 g per capita. Less than one in four Belgians consumes rabbit.

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