Big Dutchman: 25 mln bird places in Natura aviaries

15-04-2010 | | |
Big Dutchman: 25 mln bird places in Natura aviaries

On time for VIV Europe 2010, German equipment supplier Big Dutchman announce an impressive sales success: 25 mln places for laying hens with their aviaries of the Natura product family.

“We are very proud that Natura has become the leading system for floor, free-range and ecological bird management, and thank our customers who have helped to reach this goal,” said MD Bernd Kuhlencord on the occasion of a symbolic hand-over of keys in Laar (Emsland).

The incredible milestone for alternative management of laying hens has been passed with the new construction of two state-of-the-art houses for 45,000 birds each. Not far from the Dutch border Roel van Zetten, a well-known and appreciated expert from the Netherlands, has equipped his new houses with the Big Dutchman aviary “Natura Step”.

Natura-Step is the youngest member of the large Natura product family. This aviary for efficient floor and free-range management can also be installed in single rows. This is due to the stepped construction of the system allowing the birds to move between the different levels without leaving the system. This also makes them reach the integrated nests very easily – and the result is a very low share of mislaid eggs.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist